1. Which of the following would MOST effectively enhance the security of a challenge-response based authentication system?

2. The goals of integrity do NOT include:

3. Which of the following is a problem with symmetric key encryption?

4. When using a universal storage bus (USB) flash drive to transport confidential corporate data to an offsite location, an effective control would be to:

5. Which of the following would be an indicator of the effectiveness of a computer security incident response team?

6. While downloading software, a hash may be provided to:

7. It is estimated that for the moment the computers in your company will be infected by viruses about 3 times annually. Each time it will cost $4000. Which of the following solution would you consider for better security?

8. The role of the certificate authority (CA) as a third party is to:

9. Personal identity verification systems which use hand or fingerprint, handwriting, eye pattern, voice, face, or any other physical characteristics for authentication are:

10. A program that does not reproduce itself but pretends to be performing a legitimate action, which acting performing malicious operations in the background is the characteristic of which of the following?

11. The primary function of a physical protection system is?

12. Which of the followings can be accomplished by applying a Digital Signature to an email?

13. Which of the following protocol is usually used in a site-to-site VPN?

14. What are the characteristics of the encryption used in PKI? (Choose two)

15. In order to ensure constant redundancy and fault-tolerance, which of the following type of spare is recommended?